Can you really save ‘£240 a year’ by switching to LED lighting?

A recent study undertaken by online comparison website,, found households could save £240 a year on energy costs, simply by switching from incandescent to LED light bulbs. Below we seek to breakdown the details of this statement and the gauge veracity of the claim.

The findings were based on a medium sized house with 10 light fittings, each containing a 60w incandescent bulb, on the assumption the lights were on for 10 hours a day. The results were as followed:


GLS BC10 x 60w incandescent bulbs on for 10 hours a day

Total power consumption: 0.6kWh

Cost of electricity per kWh: 12.2p

Hourly cost of 60w bulbs: 7.3p

Daily cost of 60w bulbs: 73p

Weekly cost of 60w bulbs: £5.11

Monthly cost of 60w bulbs: £21.90

                                                                                Yearly cost of 60w bulbs: £266.45


luc_gls_bc10 x 6w LED bulbs on for 10 hours a day

Total power consumption: 0.06kWh

Cost of electricity per kWh: 12.2p

Hourly cost of 60w bulbs: 0.73p

Daily cost of 60w bulbs: 7.3p

Weekly cost of 60w bulbs: 51p

Monthly cost of 60w bulbs: £2.19

                                                                                 Yearly cost of 60w bulbs: £26.65


Potential savings of switching from 60w incandescents to 6w LEDs

Daily: 65.7p

Weekly: £4.60

Monthly: £19.70

Yearly: £239.80


The study found the 6w LED bulbs could be purchased online for £8.99, making a total cost of £89.90 to replace all the household lighting. Factoring this into the statistics above, it would take only five months to recoup the cost of the bulbs and a yearly net saving of £149.90 could still be achieved.

Comparethemarket rightly pointed out, that under new EU legislation bulbs will soon be required to have a minimum lifespan of 6,000 hours, which at 10 hours a day would mean a lifetime of at least 18 months for the 6w bulbs, thus a long term payback. Other advantages of LED highlighted include: variety of shape, size, colour, instant on capability and retrofit ability in a range of fittings such as bayonet and screw caps.

Comparethemarket then examined the potential savings should the same household switch to low energy compact fluorescent lighting, with the following results:


10 x 12w low energy CFL bulbs on for 10 hours a day

Potential savings:

Yearly savings without cost of bulbs: £213

Yearly savings with cost of bulbs (£45): £168


Comparethemarket’s James Padmore said: “Most people are aware that by making your home more energy efficient, great savings can be achieved. But people might not know just how easy being more efficient can be – by simply changing your light bulbs. Such small changes to the home can have a positive impact on people’s finances; a first-year saving of £149 would pay for a year’s TV licence, for example.”

On the surface, Comparethemarket’s statistics are incredibly convincing, after all, who wouldn’t want to save £240 a year on their electricity bill. However, Lamp Company MD, Ian Fursland, urges customers to be realistic when it comes to energy saving potential.

“The average light bulb is on for 3 hours a day in the home not 10. This calculation is purely to wet the appetite of would be purchasers encouraging them to swap!”

When one blogger commented “Changing my incandescent bulbs to LED in my new home reduced my electric bill so much they sent an engineer round to ensure I was not stealing energy from the grid!” Ian Fursland commented :-

“There is no way swapping LEDs for incandescent bulbs will reduce your electric bill that much! Clearly the previous home owners liked to live in saunas, cooked 10 meals a day and bathed incessantly. Our lifestyles are different; on average domestic light bulbs are on for an average of 3 hours a day and lighting, at most, accounts for 15% of the household energy bill. The 10 hour claim is hyperbole; a good way to try to drive up sales though.”

In addition to this, a 6w LED is not equal to a 60w incandescent. A 10-12w LED, depending on manufacturer, is most likely to be equivalent. “Then there is life. Some LEDs can last up to 15,000 hours, others up to 30,000 hours. You really do get what you pay for!”

Ultimately, switching to efficient light bulbs is an easy way to reduce electricity bills, but be realistic about your usage and take advantage of free energy saving calculators to work out the most suitable bulbs for your applications and requirements. LEDs may make the headlines, but halogens and compact fluorescents can be great energy saving options, especially in the home.

For free and impartial energy savings lighting advice, please contact our experienced sales team on 01462 490066 or email

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Incorrect lamp disposal could cost businesses up to £3m in fines

T8 TubeFrom the 1st July new guidelines directing judges to pass harsher sentences to businesses and individuals found guilty of contravening environmental laws, will come into effect.

The guidelines issued by the Sentencing Council for England and Wales, advice judges to penalise those who violate waste disposal regulations set out in the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010. This includes the incorrect disposal of mercury containing fluorescent lamps and waste handling offences where pollution or harm to people’s health could occur.

Large companies who knowingly breach the law risk potential fines of up to £3m, and convicted individuals face up to three years in prison.

Nigel Harvey, Chief Executive of Recolight, said: ‘The new guidelines apply the highest offence category to hazardous chemicals. Given that waste fluorescent lamps are classified as hazardous, this means that all those collecting or transporting waste lamps should double check that they are following legal requirements. More importantly, the risks to any individuals or companies who knowingly fly tip or dispose of waste lamps inappropriately are now much higher.’

Read our safe light bulb disposal guide online here for further information and advice.

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Trade Brochure: Q2 April – June 2014





















P21 P22







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More success for Salle Hadalin Fencing Club juniors!

SH Fencing

From left to right: Gabor Hadalin, Henriette Hadalin, Dylan Daniel

On Saturday 26th March two junior fencers from Salle Hadalin Fencing Club entered the Eastern Region foil qualifying competition for the British Youth Fencing Championships (BYC) at the Sports Dock, University of Hertfordshire. The entrants in the competition included a very strong contingent from the London clubs.

Henriette was competing in the girls under 12 category which she won and Dylan in the boys under 12 category where he came third. This means that they both qualify for the British Youth Fencing Championships, which are being held in Sheffield on the 6th May.

Then on the Sunday Henriette entered the epee competition. Unfortunately there were only 3 entries for her age group so they combined their group with the under 14 one. By the end of the poule stage Henriette was ranked third overall. At this point they separated the age groups for the knock out stage which she duly won. This also qualifies her for the epee competition for the BYC.

Everyone at The Lamp Company wishes both Henriette and Dylan good luck and we will keep you posted.

The Salle Hadalin club train every Tuesday night at Nobel School in Mobbsbury way Stevenage, under the watchful eye of head coach Gabor Hadalin and assistant coach Simon Caruana. There is also a mixed fencing session from 10am-12pm every Saturday at Nobel. For more information contact Simon by calling 07867 654 199 or emailing

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