Browse a comprehensive catalogue of car bulbs

Getting hold of bulbs for your car can be tough, and many drivers have found themselves spending hours on the high street or online attempting to locate the right products. Here at Easy Light Bulbs, we have worked hard to make searching for car bulbs a much simpler process, whether you require halogen, filament or xenon bulbs.

By ordering from us, you won’t need to spend time trawling around the shops and you can expect to receive the items that you require within just a few days. We offer a comprehensive range of bulbs for the inside and outside of your vehicle.

We offer more than 400 different types of bulbs for your vehicle, so whether you’re replacing the interior light, your indicator bulbs or your headlamps, you can count on us to provide the solution. Whether you know exactly which auto bulb you need or not, we can help.

Our expert team are here to direct you to the right products and only require a small amount of information about your vehicle to find the relevant car bulbs in our catalogue. We offer branded bulbs from leading manufacturers and you should be able to find the products that you require, whether you’re buying for a forklift, motorbike, bus or car.

Here at Easy Light Bulbs, we have been in the business for a quarter of a century and strive to offer you one of the most reliable, cost-effective lighting stores on the web. A number of our team members have been with us since we launched and all our team are experts when it comes to sourcing quality lighting products.

We offer over 30,000 different product lines and never have fewer than two million different bulbs in stock. We even offer our own high-quality lighting brand called Casell Lighting. A large number of our customers have decided to shop with us after seeing what we have done for their friends and family members, so why not get the wheels in motion today if you require affordable car bulbs that won’t let you down when you need them the most?

No matter what your needs are, we have them covered.

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Keep your school energy efficient with Easy Light Bulbs


When you’re ordering light bulbs for your school, you’ll probably try to find an option that promises great energy and cost savings. Easy Light Bulbs knows that responsible schools are currently trying to cut back on their energy consumption in order to lower costs, help the environment and demonstrate proper energy efficiency practices to the students themselves. We stock a great range of energy efficient lighting solutions, so that your school can accomplish those goals irrespective of the size of its budget.

If the school requires bulbs that come with both a low upfront cost and the promise of reduced energy bills, then you should consider our energy saving light bulbs. According to reports made by the Energy Saving Trust, these bulbs use as much as 80 percent less electricity than a conventional light bulb, while producing just as much light. We carry a comprehensive range to fulfil all needs, including candle, globe and spiral shaped bulbs, as well as strip lights.

Alternatively, you could invest in some of our halogen bulbs. These come at a slightly higher cost, but their longevity and energy saving credentials offer long-term affordability. Some schools have reported that the pure white light that halogen bulbs emit has a number of advantages in the classroom. The brightness reduces eyestrain, so children won’t become as tired during reading and writing exercises, while it’s also great for display lighting as colours appear more vibrant, perfect for showing off art projects or illuminating graphs and illustrations.

However, for the most reliable, long-lasting and energy efficient bulbs, LED technology can’t be beaten. Although more expensive than other options, these bulbs consume far less electricity and can last for up to 25 years! They also produce less heat than halogen lights and can be more easily arranged in various patterns. Feel free to check out our range of LED bulbs, strip lights, tubes and panels.

Of course, you might be teaching children about how lighting has changed over the years. Kids love examples, so if you want to show them how far lighting technology has come, try adding one of our antique filament bulbs to your main order. These have been created in Victorian and Art Nouveau styles and have been used in museums and restoration projects – a great way to bring history into the classroom.

Look no further than Easy Light Bulbs if you need to need to order more lighting supplies for the school year.

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How our daylight light bulbs can alleviate the problems of macular degeneration

Macular degeneration is an age related condition which, while totally painless, leads to a gradual loss of central vision and a reduction in your overall ability to see the world around you. Central vision becomes increasingly blurry, making tasks like reading difficult and making colours seem less vibrant.

It has been demonstrated that sunlight can accelerate macular degeneration due to the blue rays within its spectrum. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection can help to block out these rays, but very intense sunlight can still worsen the condition. When at home, you’ll need to pick bulbs that produce a lot of light while not exacerbating your condition.

Firstly, you should make sure you have several smaller light sources around the rooms in your home, instead of one central fixture. This will distribute light evenly. Try to avoid using spotlights or any other light source that can be looked at directly. Use shades and uplighters to avoid glare. Finally, try to ensure that light levels remain consistent throughout the house in order to save your eyes from straining adjustments.

You also need to make sure that you pick the right type of bulb. The traditional incandescent bulb does not offer a high degree of brightness, which makes it a poor choice for anyone with macular degeneration. Fluorescent lights are much brighter, but some people find the glare irritating and tiring on the eyes.

Halogen lighting provides a lot of brightness without the glare, but bulbs become hot very quickly. LED bulbs, such as those in our daylight LED panels range, can be a great option because they burn brightly, but without the heat of halogen bulbs.

Our range of daylight bulbs are a godsend for anyone suffering from macular degeneration, given that they produce full spectrum light. Full spectrum light mimics natural sunlight for high brightness without a high degree of glare, and facilitates colour differentiation to let you see everything as vividly as possible.

Here at Easy Light Bulbs, we have over 23 years of lighting experience, so you shouldn’t hesitate to call us today to enquire about our daylight bulbs. We understand the trauma that macular degeneration can cause, so you can always be assured that you’ll receive quality advice from our seasoned professionals.

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Why LED lighting is worth investing in

Lighting tends to account for around 10-20% of electrical bills in typical households, so all home owners should make themselves aware of the benefits of using low energy LED lighting in place of the traditional light bulb.


Conventional incandescent, tungsten, and filament light bulbs convert very little of the electricity that they consume into actual light – most of this energy is wasted as heat, which has the added disadvantage of shortening the life of fittings and shades. These bulbs also have very short lives, generally providing only around 1,000 hours of light.


On the other hand, low energy LED lighting produces a far more efficient light to heat ratio – dramatically more so than traditional bulbs, and even more than halogen lighting. While expending far less energy, a typical LED bulb will burn for a staggering 30,000 hours. LED lighting is so efficient that you could go decades before being forced to change the bulb.


Instead of burning out and leaving you in the dark, LED light bulbs will simply be a little less bright, so you can take your time when the time finally come for a replacement. The upfront cost might be a little higher, but due to its sheer longevity, the LED bulb will more than pay its way.


This energy efficiency also means LED lighting is friendly to the environment. Reduced energy consumption means a drastically reduced CO2 cost, but this is really just the start. LED bulbs, unlike conventional light bulbs, are totally free of toxic chemicals and 100% recyclable. What’s more, as LED illumination requires only a low-voltage power supply, such bulbs can be easily connected to external solar-energy providers.


LED lighting previously suffered from a degradation in the colour of light, which gave its output a bluish tinge. This flaw has now been eliminated, with newer models producing the familiar clean, white light of a traditional bulb. Now that this issue has been addressed, LED lighting is truly the most versatile option for any style or type of setting.


LEDs can be combined and arranged to produce the most efficient illumination for your room, and can be individually dimmed to provide total control over the space’s light.  Low energy LED lighting is perfect for your home – cost-effective, environmentally friendly and highly stylish. Here at Easy Light Bulbs, we supply a range of products to meet your needs, so contact us today and let us illuminate you!

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Our Antique Filament Bulbs Are Ideal For Your Historic Setting

When you pay a visit to the Easy Light Bulbs website for the first time, you could be forgiven for thinking that we are simply one of those ‘stack ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap’ retailers, rather than a hugely well-regarded, family-owned British company with some 23 years in the lighting industry. Why? Well, because we offer such an astonishing range of light bulbs.

Take a closer look at our range, however, and you’ll see that the types of bulbs that we stock go well beyond what you’d expect from any old lighting supplier, covering everything from general household lighting, halogen lighting and LED lighting to fluorescent tubes, coloured bulbs, halogen energy savers and more.

However, if there’s one category of ours that really does dispel any suggestion of us being a mere budget light bulb stockist, it’s our antique filament bulbs category. Bulbs really do get no more visually impressive than these, which are designed for settings where the need exists to recreate Victorian and Art Nouveau style finishes.

You might require antique filament bulbs for a museum, period home, historic restoration, hotel or theatre – the kind of setting, in other words, where you really do need to ‘woo’ everyone in attendance. You’ll find every type of antique filament bulb in our generously-stocked range here at Easy Light Bulbs, encompassing Tesla Commemorative, tubular, globe, candle, GLS, squirrel cage and bent tipped candle shaped bulbs.

With the long filament being twisted and sculpted into all manner of patterns, our antique filament bulbs really do stand out, wherever they are fitted. Two of the world’s premier vintage and incandescent light bulb suppliers – Danlamp and Ferrowatt – are represented in our range, priced well so that you can have no complaints about either quality or how much they lighten your wallet.

You might be on the lookout for screw-in 27mm diameter bulbs, bayonet 22mm diameter bulbs or screw-in 14mm diameter bulbs. Do you require a 1 watt filament light bulb, or a 40 watt one? What about the number of volts, or finish? Choices for the latter in our range include Amber, Clear and Gold Tint, while your chosen voltage count could be as low as 120, or as high as 250.

Similarly, we offer plenty of choice as far as the likes of lifespan, length and manufacturer are concerned, with other examples of the latter including Bell, Philips and Victory. In short, there really is no need to look to any online store other than Easy Light Bulbs when you require nothing less than the very best antique filament bulbs.

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