How to identify types of compact fluorescents

Fixtures such as those found in bathroom shaving lights are often made for push-in fluroescent tubes. Identifying which one you have is important as the different types are not compatible, so will not fit if you get the wrong one – however, as most of us don’t save the box it came in, this can be tricky. 

A push-in compact fluorescent

Luckily the Lamp Company website’s search facility makes this easy by using pictures of the lamps, then the bases to help identification.

Once you’ve established what type of tube it is, choose a wattage – although part numbers vary enormously by manufacturer, it’s normally easy to ascertain the voltage as it will be the number in the approximate range of 9-55.

Lastly, the colour temperature – basically this is a personal choice. For those who want a cooler, more blue light that is nearer daylight colour rendering, choose a higher temperature – over 4000K (sometimes called colour 84, or cool white). For a more “cosy light”, choose a lower temperature – 2700K or 3500K (82, 83 or 835 – warm white, or just white).

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