Happy 20th Birthday to The Lamp Company!

The Lamp Company is celebrating 20 years of providing unrivalled service, knowledge and choice to its customers.

As well as enjoying a glass (or two) of champers, we’ve also been poring over photographs of the early years. Unfortunately I’m unable to bring you some of the excellent haircuts and sweaters that appear in many of them, as I would be made into the first snowman of the year. However, I think these two photos sum up the company’s growth and success very well.

Firstly, our stores from the very earliest days – when the company mainly sold torch bulbs and other miniature lamps:

Lamp Company 1990

And now, here’s a view from one corner of our warehouse today – with over 30,000 different types of lightbulbs, fluorescent tubes, energy saving LEDs and halogens, plus many rare specialist lamps. At any one time, we have over a million items in stock – so we can give our customers the fast response they have come to expect.

Lamp Company 2010

To see our full range of products, visit www.lampco.co.uk, or for our website devoted to the most popular lightbulbs, go to www.easy-lightbulbs.com

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