A bright future ahead for www.easy-lightbulbs.com and www.lampco.co.uk

Here at The Lamp Company we work hard to ensure our customers receive unrivalled service, knowledge and choice. That’s why our websites are constantly updated with the very latest innovative and environmentally friendly lighting products. For example, our new Bell LED candle and GU10 lamps allow us to provide our customers with the latest in LED technology.

We realise that the task of finding suitable light bulbs in a market so heavily saturated with choice and variety can at times be confusing. To help our customers we have ensured both our websites have user friendly search facilities and links to our expert advisors. Our websites allow you to quickly and easily browse through our stock of over 30,000 different product lines and all major brands. 

Whether you’re looking for lamps, batteries, control gear or simply would like to contact an expert advisor with an enquiry The Lamp Company is here for you. To see our full range of products, visit www.lampco.co.uk, or for our website devoted to the most popular light bulbs, go to www.easy-lightbulbs.com.

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