Alex Whitelaw – Lamp Company Founder

Dear All,

It’s with much regret I am posting this news of Alex. Alex passed peacefully away at home on Saturday surrounded by his family.

I’d known Alex as a Venture scout since 1982 when he was my support crew for competition walking. He spent most of his “supporting” propping up the local bar for wherever we were walking but a bond began to form. We became close friends and one day decided to start a business together. Alex and I formed The Lamp Company in the spring of 1990 and worked together for 19 years until he was diagnosed with terminal cancer in May 2009. He crammed an awful lot in over the last 2+ years with his family and friends.

Our thoughts are with his wife Jacqui and sons Sam & Harry, along with the rest of his family. He will be sadly missed by all those that knew him.

Ian Fursland

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