The lights have gone out on the 60w incandescent bulb so what are the alternatives?

Today the EU Directive withdrawing 60w incandescent GLS lamps from consumer use came into force. This only applies to lamps for domestic use and not business users. Whilst there are many up in arms about the Directive there are plenty of opportunities to buy equivalent lamps that save energy and avoid the Compact Fluorescent use. Whilst CFLi’s are adequate in many locations a majority of domestic users do not like them.

As an independent Lamp distributor you can count on us for the correct impartial advice on a product to suit your needs not what you are forced to buy from the sheds! So here are the options:

GL40BC-PH  GLLED5.5BC-WW-TO   GL8ES-828-PH  Diagram

You can continue purchasing the old fashioned GLS bulb from us. Why not try the new Bell adaptors that use a halogen lamp inside an old style looking lamp. Alternatively, we have a fantastic range of LED light bulbs but you have to invest for the long term.  We also sell a full range of good quality Compact Fluorescents, and not the 10p poor performing items available in many retail stores.

You can also continue to purchase 100w incandescent GLS lamps from us following the EU Directive against their manufacture and import in 2009.

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