Kitchen Case Study: LED Lighting

Here at The Lamp Company we are proud to offer our customers free and impartial advice.  We recently visited a client who was unhappy with the energy consumption and light levels in his kitchen so he asked us to have a look.

He was using 7 x 35w halogen lamps in each of his 3 kitchen fittings. We installed for him the new Philips 10w LED 36 degree, 3000 Kelvin rated with 30000 hours life.  

Lighting: Philips 10W LED

Lighting: 35W Halogen






As you can see from the pictures the light output was amazing and the energy savings immense. The LEDs which are on for an average of 6 hours a day have reduced energy consumption from 4.41 kWh per day to 1.26 kWh per day. Over the course of a year this equates to 1150 kWh or £138.00 a year. The lamps should last 13+ years at 6 hours per day.

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