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The Lamp Company to the rescue!

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The team at The Lamp Company love to help a customer in urgent need of a rare bulb. We were contacted by a customer during the final stages of a major aircraft repair in Luxembourg, a key lamp in a piece of vital test equipment had failed and there were no spares available. This meant that the test equipment was unserviceable and the repair had to be stopped with 60 technicians unable to continue.  This occurred during on a Saturday morning when all suppliers were closed.  The customer contacted one of our European partners who suggested that the only people that might be able to help would be The Lamp Company in Baldock.

An email pinged into our out of hours contact and on Saturday afternoon we confirmed that we had a replacement in stock.  We then made arrangements for the item to be picked and packed early on the Sunday morning and handed over to our customers courier by 09:30am from a member of staffs home. All at no extra cost!! The replacement lamp was then on a flight by 2:00pm and on-site and fitted by 6:00pm.  The repair was able to continue without any further delay and the repair was completed a few days later, on Schedule. Phew!

Japanese LED traffic lights just too cool when snow falls


Tokyo (AFP) – Energy-saving LED traffic lights seemed like a cool way to cut back on electricity costs, but Japanese police said Monday they might just be too cool — because they don’t melt snow.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) account for around 45 percent of all of Japan’s stop-and-go signals and that proportion is growing as local authorities cotton on to their economising possibilities compared with regular incandescent lights.

But in wintery northern Japan the lights have encountered a problem — drivers can’t see them because they don’t get warm enough to melt accumulated snow.

Akira Kudo of Aomori Prefectural Police said snow has to be removed manually between December and mid-February during blizzards.

“We don’t have enough staff members to remove snow as more and more LED lights are being introduced,” he said.

LED lighting is becoming ever more popular in public and private spaces because of its lower energy consumption.

The technology has been big news in Japan since three local-born physicists won the Nobel Prize last year for the development of the blue LED, the breakthrough that led to the white LED now commonly used worldwide.


Story courtesy of Yahoo News

We really do go out of our way to find you light bulbs!

Do you remember bubble lights? They really were all the rage back in the 1950s and into the 1970s, particularly at this time of year when people were putting up their Christmas decorations. These decorative lights consist of a liquid-filled vial that is both lighted and heated by an incandescent bulb.

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The liquid in a bubble light has a low boiling point, meaning that it only requires the fairly modest heat generated by the lamp for it to boil and bubble up from the vial’s base, and hey presto – you have a working bubble light. The lights resemble candles in holders and only faded in popularity with the emergence of ‘fairy’ lights.

Some people, though, still remember bubble lights fondly. Some of them – such as one recent customer, Elaine – may still even have a box of them. Wouldn’t it be great to get them out this Christmas for decorating the tree, Elaine thought – except for one problem, which is that the bulbs for them are seemingly so hard to find these days.

This was the point at which Elaine approached us, concerning her box of Noma Bubble Lites. She told us that her parents had bought them in the 1950s, but that they hadn’t worked since around 1968 due to the family’s inability to find the required bulbs. Well, tracking down compatible top quality light bulbs was a challenge that we couldn’t turn down here at Easy Light Bulbs.

Sure enough, after plenty of rooting around and the phoning of suppliers, we were able to track down the compatible bulbs! At the time of typing, we have more than 40 pieces in stock and are able to source more for interested customers such as Elaine, who declared: “Thank you so much for your help, it really will be a very special Christmas for us this year!”

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Here at Easy Light Bulbs, we couldn’t be more delighted to help customers like Elaine. We take great pride in going the extra mile to fulfil the most demanding customer requests, and those bulbs will certainly help to make Elaine’s Christmas more evocative of family Christmases gone by.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and capable customer service team with almost any light bulb-related query – at any time of year. We really can source top quality light bulbs of almost any type or age!