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The Incandescent Light Bulb Strikes Back…

An incandescent light bulb

Following the EU ban on traditional incandescent light bulbs, we all thought the future was based around LED lighting. But it seems that the clever people from MIT in America have given the incandescent light bulb a reprieve thanks to a technological breakthrough.

Incandescent lighting and its warm, familiar glow is well over a century old yet survives virtually unchanged in homes around the world. It is a simple design that everyone loves. But that has been changing fast, as regulations aimed at improving energy efficiency have been phasing out the old bulbs in favour of more efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) and newer light-emitting diode bulbs (LEDs).

Incandescent bulbs, commercially developed by Thomas Edison, work by heating a thin tungsten wire to temperatures of around 2,700 degrees Celsius. That hot wire emits what is known as black body radiation, a very broad spectrum of light that provides a warm look and a faithful rendering of all colours to the human eye.

But these bulbs have always suffered from one major problem: More than 95 percent of the energy that goes into them is wasted, most of it as heat. That’s why country after country has banned or is phasing out the inefficient technology. Now, researchers at MIT and Purdue University have found a way to change all that.

Three MIT professors have made major breakthrough with what they call – light recycling. The key is to create a two-stage process, the researchers report.

The first stage involves a conventional heated metal filament, with all its attendant losses. But instead of allowing the waste heat to dissipate in the form of infrared radiation, secondary structures surrounding the filament capture this radiation and reflect it back to the filament to be re-absorbed and re-emitted as visible light. These structures, a form of photonic crystal, are made of Earth-abundant elements and can be made using conventional material-deposition technology.

That second step makes a dramatic difference in how efficiently the system converts electricity into light. One quantity that characterizes a lighting source is the so-called luminous efficiency, which takes into account the response of the human eye. Whereas the luminous efficiency of conventional incandescent lights is between 2 and 3 percent, that of fluorescents (including CFLs) is between 7 and 15 percent, and that of most compact LEDs between 5 and 15 percent, the new two-stage incandescent could reach efficiencies as high as 40 percent, the team says.

The first proof-of-concept units made by the team do not yet reach that level, achieving about 6.6 percent efficiency. But even that preliminary result matches the efficiency of some of today’s CFLs and LEDs, they point out. And it is already a threefold improvement over the efficiency of today’s incandescent light bulbs.

The team refers to their approach as “light recycling,” since their material takes in the unwanted, useless wavelengths of energy and converts them into the visible light wavelengths that are desired.  Put simply “It recycles the energy that would otherwise be wasted,”

Here at we think this is a brilliant step forward. The majority of people still love the light from incandescent bulbs and the ease with which it works with all dimmers. If incandescent light bulbs are suddenly as efficient as LED’s then we will be able to bring them back into the UK and Europe for our customers.


How to pick the perfect light bulbs for your house

To help you choose the right light bulbs, we’ve written a quick guide detailing the most important considerations.

  1. Think about function

Before you decide on the light bulbs themselves, you need to decide how you want them to function. Generally, there are three categories:

  • General: illuminates the whole room, producing an effect similar to natural light
  • Task: lights up a certain area for a specific purpose
  • Accent: essentially creates shadowing around a feature object to achieve a dramatic effect

You can layer these functions across a room, so you should decide where you want the lighting to go by paying attention to the current layout.

  1. Choose the correct bulbs

Different light bulbs perform in different ways, so you’ll need to select the right type to meet your requirements. The four most common light bulbs are:

  • Incandescent: traditional bulbs which produce a warm glow. After decades of use they are being phased out in favour of more efficient alternatives
  • Compact Florescent Bulbs (CFLs): these last longer than incandescent bulbs while using up to 75% less energy. The light might feel a bit cooler, but they’re now available in a range of brightness levels.
  • LEDs: equally as efficient as CFLs, but able to burn for up to three times as long. Formally used predominantly for task lighting due to their strong, direct light, the technology has improved considerably to make them look more like traditional bulbs
  • Halogen: produces a white light similar to daylight – often perfect for task lighting
  1. Select your fixtures

You’ll now need to pick the fixtures that will complement your bulbs. The following are some typical fixtures and how they should be used:

  • Ceiling mounted: the most common fixture for general lighting
  • Chandeliers: also popular for general lighting, but best used in dining rooms or bedrooms
  • Wall-mounted/recessed: can be used for general, task or accent lighting, depending on where and how you use them
  • Pendant: hung with shades from the ceiling, providing general lighting without the glare
  • Track: a set of fixtures running along a track that can normally be turned in new directions as you please. Perfect for both accent and general lighting
  • Table lamps: great for task lighting, although several around one room can produce an accenting effect

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Remarkably efficient

Our industrial light bulbs have recently become popular among domestic consumers after an EU Directive rendered the majority of traditional incandescents obsolete. This left industrial premises requiring a reliable alternative. Luckily, our bulbs meet the established criteria. You’ll be fully compliant and should also notice a significant drop in your monthly energy costs.

Wide array of bulbs

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