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Croydon residents disrupt lighting upgrade by hugging streetlights


Image courtesy of Lux Magazine.

Image courtesy of Lux Magazine.

The upgrade of Victorian style streetlights to energy efficient lamps in South London has been interrupted by residents hugging lamp posts to prevent workmen carrying out the replacements. Around 20 residents gathered in Mowbray Road in Crystal Palace including some parents carrying babies. Workmen eventually called the emergency services after feeling threatened when residents insisted to know more details about the lighting project.        

Local citizens were angered by the choice of replacement lamps which they felt were not in keeping with the character of the street. They also claimed a lamp post at the far end of the street fell within a conservation area and should be left untouched. An assertion the local council disputes.        

Long term resident, Mark Richardson said: ‘we’re fairly peed off because the council were asked but never discussed anything. It’s just a communication issue. Everybody agrees with energy-efficient lights but let’s upgrade the Victorian lights with energy-efficient luminaires. The whole street used to be in a conservation area but the boundaries are changing. The council said that they had a consultation but they could have discussed it better. They left us in the dark.’

In response, Croydon Council have confirmed that between 2007 and 2012 two major consultation projects were undertaken by Croydon and Lewisham Councils to develop the lighting plan. They argue: ‘both councils consulted widely at the start of the project and careful thought was given to which types of columns might be installed in different areas.’  

The lighting upgrade program is part of a 25 year contract with Skanska to replace 38,000 aged lamp columns with safer energy efficient streetlights in the boroughs of Croydon and Lewisham.

The Lamp Company improves lighting quality at Simplyhealth

During a networking meeting a concern was raised about the quality of office lighting. We were advised that although other suppliers had looked into the issue it was as yet unresolved.  Not completely understanding all the elements involved we were asked to investigate and present our findings demonstrating the issues and options for improvement.

We attended the Letchworth offices and undertook a lighting survey, taking readings of the light levels. We asked staff questions and their opinions about the lighting of which, we identified their concerns. The main issue related to the feedback of the outputs and colour rendering. We then spoke with the Manager Lisa Hall and gave a brief visual demonstration of the different types of colour rendering and how they can affect the view and feel.

We then proceeded with a trial to exchange lamps at each end of the office space, one end with ‘warm white‘ lamps and the other with ‘daylight’ lamps keeping the centre section as it was. Immediate feedback suggested the warm white colour was being favoured and felt very relaxed. However, within hours the surrounding area appeared too warm and reading became uncomfortable therefore we replaced the lamps to the original standard white colour. Meanwhile, at the other end of the office, the daylight lamps were being well received  with comments such as “a clean look, more natural and detailed appearance”.

Shortly afterwards Simplyhealth asked us to undertake a complete lamp replacement using the daylight lamps that were trialled. Technically we did not increase or reduce consumption but by changing the lamp colour, the feedback of increased output and an overall improved office environment.

Lisa Hall has commented that “working with the team at the Lamp Company was made easy and the results for our team have been exceptional. Getting the lighting right has proved challenging so to have now found a resolution that supports our team is brilliant”’.

Here at the Lamp Company we have a wealth of knowledge and experience giving sound advice even demonstrating sometimes you do not need to go to great expense of replacing everything. Our service in this case offered the client a full package to include evaluation, demonstration, proof and installation of the new lamps in all the offices as an entire package.

Should you have any issues or concerns with your lighting, then please feel free to contact the Lamp Company who will be happy to advise and guide you as to the best solutions available. Call on 01462 490066, fax 01462 491166, email or visit