The Lamp Company stocks over 30,000 different lighting products, so we’re confident we can supply the precise light bulb you need.

We have two websites – depending on whether you’re looking for the most popular household lightbulbs or something more specialised.

Easy Lightbulbs

Easy Lightbulbs is our website for our most popular household light bulbs – using an photo-based intuitive search, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need quickly and easily from these ranges.

Energy Saving Bulbs

The Lamp Company are experts in energy saving lighting, supplying a full range of lights for all fittings, wattages and colour temperatures to help you save money.

Fluorescent Tubes

Organised by width of the tube, our easy search engine helps you choose the right tube, with filters for length, wattage and colour.

General Household Lighting

Wide range of incandescent GLS bulbs – plus candle lamps, golfball bulbs, pygmies, reflectors, strip lights, oven and appliance lamps – the Lamp Company can provide them all.

Halogen Energy Savers

The Lamp Company supply a wide range of halogen light bulbs  including capsules, GLS, golfball, reflectors and spotlights. They produce a bright white light and offer improved lumens per watt compared to standard incandescent lighting.

Halogen Lighting

A full range of halogen lighting including high powered single-ended bulbs.

LED Lighting

We offer a complete range of LED lighting, including new high-powered spot lights that offer long-life energy savings.

Push-in Compact Fluorescents

Often used in bathroom light fittings, these lamps are available in a wide range of wattages and colours. Be sure that the base of the lamp matches – if you are unsure, our sales team can help on 01462 490066.

The Lamp Company website sells all of the above, plus the remainder of our range – over 30,000 different types of lightbulbs and lamps – from the smallest wire terminal bulbs, through everyday lighting requirements, to more specialist units such as outdoor lighting and entertainment lamps.

We also sell control gear and a wide range of batteries.

Our expert sales team are available to answer your questions – you can either email them or phone on 01462 490066.