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Don’t shop anywhere else for the very best coloured bulbs

If you need to obtain obtain coloured light bulbs, we have a newsflash for you – look no further than Easy Light Bulbs. We can cater for a wealth of needs by supplying everything from pygmy bulbs, fluorescent tubes and halogen reflectors to coloured round and standard bulbs.

We offer coloured bulbs in a range of colours to meet your requirements, whether you are hosting a party or simply wish to add a new layer of character to a room. Our team members know our catalogue inside out, and can therefore assist in finding the coloured light bulbs that you require.

Our online store stocks bulbs in an assortment of colours, including red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink and many more. If you can’t find what you are looking for on the site, simply drop us a line to see what we can do. We regularly go the extra mile to help customers to source specific, hard-to-find products.

Browse our range of coloured bulbs today to view items from such manufacturers as Casell (our own brand), Crompton and The Lamp Company. We can offer bulbs that incorporate all manner of fittings, encompassing bayonet and screw-in bulbs, 2 pin and GU10 halogen reflectors and 2 and 4 pin fluorescent tubes to give just a few examples.

Having been in the business for well over two decades, we possess the experience and expertise necessary to deliver everything that you could possibly require from a lighting company. We have more than 30,000 different product lines and as many as two million items in stock at any time.

You can even depend on us for worldwide delivery, while we have won glowing reviews for our own brand of lighting, Casell Lighting, which is synonymous with great value and high quality. Why not take a look around our website right now if you need to access the very best in coloured light bulbs?

Our team is any here to help if you have any specific lighting requirements, but aren’t quite sure which products to opt for. Call upon the vast expertise and experience of our staffers to identify the most appropriate products for your needs. To find out more about our unrivalled range of lighting products, simply peruse the site or get in touch today.

Why might you purchase coloured light bulbs?

Almost any store – like Easy Light Bulbs – that has some two million bulbs in stock at any one time will inevitably have many different categories of lamp to choose from. You really can turn to us for the most comprehensive range of light bulbs for the home and beyond, from general household lighting and infra red bulbs to halogen energy savers and marine navigation bulbs – so why would you want to invest in our coloured light bulbs?

Fluorescent Tubes               Halogen Reflectors               Pygmy Bulbs

These bulbs, which here at Easy Light Bulbs encompass fluorescent tubes, halogen reflectors, pygmy bulbs, round bulbs, reflector bulbs and standard bulbs, make sense in a variety of settings. You may screw some into your ordinary light fittings to enliven the scene of a party, or they may be used to simultaneously illuminate a room and project a certain ambience. Whatever feel you want a room to have, it can be achieved with our extensive selection of coloured light bulbs.

That is even more the case when you consider the many colours in which we offer such bulbs, ranging from red, yellow and blue to gold, orange and pink. But there are so many more specification options when you buy your coloured light bulbs from Easy Light Bulbs. Even just buying coloured fluorescent tubes from us, for example, allows you to select from four-pin units and those with two pins at either end, as well as from such manufacturers as Osram, Philips, Sylvania and Narva.

Reflector Bulbs               Round Bulbs              Standard Bulbs

Similarly, when you browse our online store for coloured halogen reflectors, you can opt for GU10 or two-pin units, represented brands in this category including Bell, Casell and Osram. You can also choose between a series of wattage counts, finishes, expected lifespans, physical lengths, diameters and beam angles. That amount of choice presents itself throughout our product range – our coloured round bulbs, for instance, are available in both bayonet 22mm diameter and screw-in 27mm diameter variants.

Whether you are picking up coloured light bulbs to help to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, to light up exhibited items in a cabinet, as a backdrop for dancing the night away or for all manner of other potential uses, there really is no need to look to an online store other than Easy Light Bulbs. We take pride in our reputation as the complete – not to mention most competitively-priced – supplier.